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Alcohol Tester KY8300

Alcohol Tester KY8300 >4000 user memories , can download to PC; Lion battery


  • UK made Electrochemical/Fuel cell Sensor: Highly specificity to alcohol, unaffected by other breath contaminants.
  • Quick and Precise Analysis: 32-embedded processor secures high performance of the system.
  • Data Handling Ability: Compact gas circuit design and advanced analysis process assure fast, accurate and stable testing performance.
  • Active and Passive Blow Methods: Both methods can be applied to provide convenience to the user.
  • Power Supply: Built-in Li-ion battery reliable and long-time testing action.
  • Memory Capacity: Data storage of 4096 test results which can be downloaded to the computer for data backup.
  • A Bluetooth printer can be added to the device if required