What We Do

MEDSTRAT PTY LTD is a newly established medical supply company that was founded by a team of people with a vision, insight and years of experience in the medical furniture and equipment industry.

We specialize in modern day medical furniture, equipment and medical consumables that are in demand daily by Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Practices, Frail Care Centres and Primary Care Facilities around the African Continent.

BEE Level 1


MEDSTRAT PTY LTD has envisioned to make an impact in the medical arena by procuring and providing the best possible products to its clients at competitive market related rates. MEDSTRAT PTY LTD also endeavors to provide the best quality products and to provide the best customer service possible. MEDSTRAT PTY LTD is all about STRATEGIC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS.


Our team have the desire to provide a professional , uninterrupted and secure service to their clients. Customer satisfaction and service excellence lie in our strengths. We aim to build on values of trustworthiness and to build strong relationships and partnerships with our clients and stategic partners and suppliers. We will maintain the highest levels of expertise to enable us to deliver on our values.