Trauma Stretcher

Back rest: 0-85°±5°, controlled by gas spring

Knee break: 0-30°±5°, controlled by manual crank

Lowest height: 600mm±10mm

Highest height: 920 mm±10mm

Tilt to back & forth which is controlled by the foot pedal on the two sides of the stretcher

Safety working loading: 2500N

User environment : temperature:5°C—40°

The main frame of stretcher is made of galvanized steel tube coated with electrostatic powder spray. E-8 The top board is made of X-ray translucent material

Equipped with imported double rise-and-fall hydraulic system, so as to make the stretcher go up and down, with trendelenberg tilting back and forth. 8. Φ200 dustproof castors with central control system, makes the stretcher easy to move

The base cover is made of ABS material and shaped in one piece which can be easily cleaned

Equipped with infusion pole, drainage hook and collapsible stainless steel side rails

It is the best choice for emergency room and ICU ward for transferring patients