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Mobile Ultrasound Machine Black/White

Mobile Ultrasound Machine Black/White 15″ LCD monitor 2 probe 128 element convex + transvaginal


The Ultrasound Black/White trolley 15″ LCD monitor 2 probe 128 element convex + transvaginal is for clinical diagnosis of abdomen, obstetrics and gynaecology, organelle, small organ, urology and intra-cavity ultrasound inspection, cardiology and cardiovascular ultrasound screening.

  • Ultrasound black/white trolley.
  • 15″ LCD monitor.
  • 2 probes 128 element convex + transvaginal.
  • Adopting Multiple technologies such as digital scan converter (DSC), digital  beam forming (DBF) , real-time dynamic.
  • Aperture (RDA), dynamic receive anodization (DRA), dynamic receive focusing  (DRF), dynamic frequency scan (DFS) and so on.
  • Image optimization and enhancement, smoothing, frame correlation  processing, pseudo-colour ,Gamma Correction.
  • Real-time Zoom/Zoom to area.
  • Automatically report generating accords to image collection, diagnostic description and measurement projects.
  • Diversified and Complete image-text medical records management function; Typical & upgradable medical  records.
  • import/export function; these two functions can satisfy needs.