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Medical Practice Equipment

Anaesthetic Stool on Castors each
Anaesthetic Trolley 1 Drawer each
Bedscreen 3 Fold each
Blood Lancets 200s
Bowl S/Steel 15cm each
BP Meter Digital each
Diagnostic Set – Welch Allyn (Otoscope/Opthalmoscope Set) each
Digital Scale with Height Measure Adult each
Double Step each
Dressing Trolley S/Steel Large each
Cotton Wool Balls each
Examination Couch each
Examination Couch Fitted Sheet each
Examination Gloves Latex Powder Free (S/M/L/XL) Box of 100
Face Masks 3Ply Loops Box of 50
First Aid Kit – Regulation 7 Metal Box each
Forceps – Artery Straight each
Gauze Swabs 100s
Glucometer each
Glucometer Strips 50s
Hand Disinfectant 1
Haemoglobin Meter 1
Haemoglobin Strips 25s
Hypodermic Needles 18G-26G Box of 100
Instrument Tray with Lid Medium each
Kidney Dish each
Linen Savers Case of 200
Nebuliser Miko/Eolo each
Patella Hammer each
Pen Torch each
Pillowcase each
Pregnancy Test Pack of 12
Scalpel Blades Carbon Steel Box of 100
Scalpel Handle Size 4 each
Scissors Sharp each
Sharps Medical Waste Bin 10L each
Syringe 3 Part Luer Slip Latex Free 5ml Box of 100
Tongue Depressors Box of 100
Vital Signs Patient Monitor – NIBP/SPO2 each