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Burnshield Dressing

Available in Various sizes or a Multipack

  • Burnshield Dressing is a foam dressing soaked in Burnshield sterile trauma hydrogel, supplied in a foil pouch.

  • It is a sterile trauma hydrogel which can be used for minor burns and scalds.

  • With its high water content, Burnshield Hydrogel cools and soothes by absorbing and dissipating heat which minimises skin damage.

  • Burnshield Gel is a white to off-white gel which turns clear once applied. This allows for monitoring of wound progression.

  • It is non-stick and will not adhere to the wound. It is non toxic and non irritant.

  • Safe to use on Children.

  • Conforms to wound area

  • Fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting

  • Wound covering

  • Gel retention