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AED Saver 1 Fully Auto AED 200J with LCD/CarryCase/Disposable Battery


  • Operation: Semi- Automatic Version
  • Fully Automatic Version
  • Energies: Standard max 200J or Power max 360J
  • Waveform: Adaptive BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) conforming to patient chest’s impedance
  • Protocols: Various adult shock protocols available on request
  • Factory default: Adult Standard escalating 150, 200, 200J
  • Adult Power escalating 200, 250, 360J
  • Paediatric (Standard or Power) 50J fixed
  • Charging time: ≤9 seconds with a new and fully charged battery depleted battery will result in a longer charging time
  • Analysis time: IEC/EN 60601-2-4 from 4 to 15 seconds
  • Impedance: 20-200 ohms
  • Controls: 2 buttons for Automatic: ON/OFF, “i“ info button
  • 3 buttons for Semi-Automatic: ON/OFF,
  • “i“ info button, shock button
  • Flashing Icons: “connect pads to patient“
  • “adult/child“ informing on pads type use
  • “don’t touch patient“ warning to stay clear
  • “touch patient“ informing it’s safe to touch
  • Indicators: Status LED indicator informing on device condition
  • Battery gauge with remaining capacity rate
  • Audible alerts and text display with service alarms